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The Nature Scho0l
Willowbound Farm


Play. Learn. Grow

About Our School

The Nature School at Willowbound Farm is a child-centered, nature-based, project-driven preschool set on a beautiful seven acre farm on the south bank of the Teton River near Rexburg, Idaho. The school features four important learning environments: a barn-themed schoolhouse, a nature-inspired play yard, a child-friendly hobby farm, and a naturally wild forested area to explore. 

The Barn

Our Southeast Idaho farm and forest environment starts with an indoor space. Our barn revival is a modern, light-filled schoolhouse  set in a classic monitor barn often seen in this part of the state. 

The Yard

Our playground was designed as a Nature Explore yard with outdoor centers. These play areas include a log path, garden, sand, and water tables, construction zone, mud kitchen, a music stage,  art area, and more. Each area contains organic materials where children form deeper connections with the natural world and each other.